Bills are Due on the 15th of every Month!


Landline Calling Plans

Tier 1 Phone Service

Home phone. Calling features and long distance not included


Tier 2 Phone Service

Home phone + 10 calling features & 60 minutes of long distance


Tier 3 Phone Service

Home phone + 10 calling features & unlimited long distance


Tribal Connect

Lifeline assistance discount for qualifying individuals

$16.15 Credit

Long Distance Plans

Add additional long distance minutes to your Tier 1, 2 or 3 phone service. Once long distance minutes have been used, calls revert to $.15/minute.

100 Minutes

100 minutes of long distance talk for $.12/minute


300 Minutes

300 minutes of long distance talk for $.056/minute



Unlimited long distance calling


Tribal Connect (Lifeline Assistance)

Households may qualify for assistance with their phone and Internet service bill each month.


Add-On Calling Featuress

Add any number of calling features onto your Tier 1, 2 or 3 phone plan


Allow callers to leave a message


Automatic Callback

Get notified once a busy line becomes free with an automatic callback


Call Waiting

Answer incoming calls while using your phone


Call Waiting Ring Back

Call waiting informs you of a second call so you may hang up the phone and receive an immediate ring back for the second call


Call Waiting/Caller ID

View an incoming caller's phone number while the line is in use and before answering the call


Caller ID

View the phone number of a caller on the telephone display


Caller ID Blocking

Block your number from being displayed on Caller ID


Do Not Disturb

Temporarily block incoming calls. Place out-going calls as usual.


Find Me Follow Me

Find Me - receive incoming calls at any location

Follow Me - receive calls at any number of designated phones, whether ringing all at once or in sequence


Three-Way Calling

Talk simultaneously to two people with different phone numbers


Anonymous Call Reject

Rejects all numbers that have per line blocking


Busy Call Forwarding

Forward incoming calls to a different number when the dialed number is busy


Call Hold

Place a call on hold so you may dial another number


Selective Call Acceptance

Only numbers you choose will be accepted


Selective Call Forwarding

Forward selective callers to a different phone number


Selective Call Reject

Reject calls from specific numbers


Toll Restriction

Disallow long distance calls placed from a subscriber line


Prices do not include surcharges and fees.

Your service is billed in advance. The first bill will include a prorated amount of your current plan's monthly cost and surcharges, plus the subsequent month's billing and any applicable installation fees.

Tribal Connect credits, provided with Lifeline assistance, will be applied once application and verification are complete. (FCC/Federally-Funded Program)